DRT: First day of tax season was busy but smooth

Vehicles were already lining up along Route 16 even before 8 am during the first day of the tax season last Friday. (PNC photo)

It’s tax season again and while things got busy on Friday, the Department of Revenue and Taxation said the process generally went smoothly.

Rev and Tax began accepting 2020 tax year returns on Friday in line with the federal Internal Revenue Service’s declaration for tax season across the nation.

Aside from income tax filings, DRT continues to provide other services including scheduled appointments, from drivers’ license applications to property tax filings, and other tax transactions.

For income tax filing, vehicles were already lining up along Route 16 even before 8 am, according to DRT director Dafne Shimizu. But she said the Rev and Tax team anticipated the long lines and was prepared.

And while their hours start at 8 am and end at 5 pm, the Rev and Tax team started servicing people before 8 am.

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“So by 6 in the morning we started receiving our first set of returns and it has just been kind of … people have just been kind of flowing in, coming in…so we are just trying to help as many people as we can today from 8 to 5,” Shimizu said.

She added: “Usually we don’t open until 8 in the morning …it is an unusual time … that’s why we are moving to these drive-thru kind of services….because people are waiting in their cars.”

Whether filing for returns or requesting other services, Shimizu advised residents to be prepared and expect some delays since they have a huge volume of people coming in for different types of services.

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“And because we have so many services, it takes a little bit of time for us to kind of get people organized but we are doing our best. Again, if you are filing your forms 1040 or 1040 without any payment — we are here from 8 to 5 — we have our drive thru — drive up from Route 16 and our team will go ahead and screen and we will go ahead and let you thru so we can get out of here as soon as possible,” Shimizu said.

The last day of filing is on Thursday, April 15, 2021. If you can’t make it, file for an extension at DRT.

Meanwhile, DRT also announced today that all Business Privilege Tax Returns are required to be filed electronically, beginning with tax filing for the month of February 2021. Check out the PNC GUAM website for information on how to register or file your returns.