DRT gives out more updates on All RISE eligibility and documentation

DRT Director Dafne Shimizu. (PNC file photo)

Department of Revenue and Taxation director Dafne Shimizu has given more updates on eligibility and documentation for the All RISE program.

Shimizu said the application is not open yet as Adelup is currently awaiting the final rules for the American Rescue Plan money before proceeding.

Shimizu says she’s meeting with Mayors Council of Guam Jesse Alig to further discuss the All RISE process.

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However, she says that unfortunately, DRT is not able to allow eligible applicants to upload their supporting documents in one single upload.

“Unfortunately, we’re not able to get our programing to be such that you can upload the documents as attachments with the application. So when you file online, you’re going to have to email us or drop documents and there’s going to be a confirmation number or document number that’s going to have to be indicated. Obviously, for those individuals who submit either online or hard copy, the mayors will not have that document number. It’s the matching up of an individual’s application with their mayor’s verification if we don’t get it upfront. That’s the part where we’re going to have to bridge the gap,” Shimizu said during an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo.

But Shimizu assured that they are close to getting the final eligibility requirements squared away. And in regards to how long the mayor’s verification will remain eligible, Shimizu says that as long as they got their verification in 2020, they’re good.

“So if you have it already … if you have your mayor’s verification and as you know we did somewhat relax the requirement for the mayor’s verification … it doesn’t have to be something your received in the last 30 days. Usually, a mayor’s verification, at least the ones we receive, has an expiration date within 30 days from issuance. What we did in regards to the mayor’s verification, we’re accepting verifications even if they are not addressed to Rev and Tax,” Shimizu said.

She added: “Again you have to be a resident from 2020 moving forward if you were issued a mayor’s verification for another purpose. If you happen to be on a mayor’s verification that someone your household has gotten, those will be accepted. Again we’re accepting mayors verifications that were issued for 2020 going forward, and not just those people are getting right now.”