DRT preparing the groundwork for 3rd round of stimulus payments

(PNC file photo)

Passage of the new coronavirus relief bill is looking more and more inevitable.

So what does that mean for stimulus payments for Guam?

Rev and Tax director Dafne Shimizu told Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo Wednesday morning that she and her federal counterparts at the IRS have been in talks to lay the groundwork for a third round of stimulus payments.

Even though it hasn’t become law yet, Shimizu said that it’s looking more and more likely.

Shimizu said that even though the details for EIP 3 have yet to be finalized, she’s confident that her department’s experience with past stimulus payments will make things go smoothly.

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“We don’t have a specific time frame yet. As you know, of course, we’ve done EIP 1 and EIP 2. When we did EIP 2, I believe that the CRTRA, that particular law, it became law at about the end of December, December 27th or so, and we were able to finish our talks and get our implementation plan approved and signed off on by the Treasury, I think in about 3 weeks or so. So we’re expecting that, of course, our talks with them will go pretty smoothly. They’re already again, like I mentioned, the IRS, our counterparts..the portion of the IRS that takes care of the Insular Areas, they’re already beginning to discuss some items with us and we’re hoping it won’t take very long,” Shimizu said.

Shimizu said that Rev and Tax still has until March 19th to make all EIP 2 payments.

She said that those who haven’t filed their 2019 tax returns may still have a chance to receive EIP 2, but it’s not guaranteed.