DRT recommends filing All-RISE applications online

DRT Director Dafne Shimizu. (PNC file photo)

The Department of Revenue and Taxation is recommending that All-RISE applications be filed online for the convenience of applicants.

According to DRT director Daphne Shimizu, they’ll be accepting applications starting at 7 am on Sept. 1 for both online and DRT’s drop-off service and income tax branch.

“We still recommend for people to file it online and the reason is, if you file it online, whether you’re married filing joint or single, it’s a lot easier and it’s quicker,” Shimizu said in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Pauly Suba.

Shimizu recommends that those who still don’t have an online account with DRT should register now at www.mytax.com so that once the All-RISE application period opens, they’ll be ready to go ahead, immediately enter their information, and file their applications.

“Again, we highly recommend people file it online. If you file it online, form 8821 along with the application will be there. Once you’ve completed answering everything, you’ll submit it online and you’ll immediately get a confirmation number,” Shimizu said.

The DRT chief added that she is aware of concerns raised that Rev & Tax’s computer system might crash because of the expected deluge of online filers.

“Of course, that’s been a concern but we believe that our IT vendor will be able to address and deal with that,” Shimizu said.