DRT releases additional $127,500 in Ayuda i Mangafa payments


The Guam Department of Revenue and Taxation (DRT) announced today that on Wednesday, November 25, 2020, DRT processed 221 AIM Program payments totaling $127,500. To date, DRT has processed 648 AIM Program payments totaling $375,500.

DRT will continue to process AIM Program payments through March 31, 2021. Payments are based on applications that are considered complete and have been reviewed and processed. Applications are considered complete on the date that all required documents are submitted for review.

Deadline for Filing Form 3594GU

Only eligible individuals who filed Form 3594GU, AIM Program Application, by the November 12, 2020 deadline will qualify to receive the AIM payment.

Incomplete Applications

Individuals who filed their Form 3594GU application by the deadline should ensure that all required documents are submitted to ensure timely processing of the application and issuance of the AIM payment. Applications with incomplete documents will not be processed until the required documents are submitted for review and verification. Individuals will be issued a notice if the application and required documents are incomplete and additional information is needed to determine eligibility for the AIM payment. Individuals must respond within 15 days from the date of notice. Failure to provide the required documents or respond within the prescribed time will result in the denial of the AIM payment.

The following are potential reasons you may not have received your AIM Program payment if you have filed your application:

–       All required documents have not been submitted.

–       No qualifying dependent was claimed on the application.

–       Economic impact payment was received for the dependent claimed on the application.

–       Manual application was emailed to mangafa@revtax.guam.gov; however, DRT requires that the application be filed online or the manual application with the original signature be submitted at DRT’s drop box.

You can find the DRT’s AIM Program FAQ in the COVID-19 Section at www.guamtax.com.

For questions regarding the AIM Program, please contact DRT’s AIM Team by email at mangafa@revtax.guam.gov or by phone at 635-1876/79/1882/7613/37/41.