DRT: Several options to beat tax deadline

Department of Revenue and Taxation (PNC file photo)

The extended 2019 tax filing deadline is this Wednesday, July 15th.

On the air with K57 this morning, Department of Revenue and Taxation director Dafne Shimizu said there are several options for Guam residents to get their taxes in.

You can physically file at the DRT Barrigada location through the dropbox or their “easy line” on the left side of the building.

You can also send your 2019 taxes through the mail. As long as the date stamp on the package says July 15th or earlier, it will count as on-time.

And online filing is an option for some as well.

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“Really, the online filing is primarily for the easy criteria and if you have questions about that, you can always get online. We do have a bit of a checklist in our help section and it will tell you if you’re eligible,” Shimizu said.

She added: “There are some people who may not have all of their tax documents together and are not ready to file yet. They can actually file their extension online. You can also make a payment online, with your extension.”

DRT will have staff at the Barrigada location at midnight on Wednesday to stamp any incoming taxes after 12:01 am as late.

If you need to make a payment, you can do so at the Treasurer of Guam offices at the ITC building and the DPW one-stop permit center in Tamuning.

You can also drop payments off at the DRT Barrigada main location dropbox.