DRT streamlining All RISE process; applications may start by end of July

Department of Revenue and Taxation (PNC file photo)

As long lines continue at the island’s mayor’s offices, the Department of Revenue and Taxation is working to streamline the All-RISE application process to make it easier for eligible residents to apply.

DRT director Dafne Shimizu said they are aware of the congestion in the mayor’s offices as people try to get mayoral residency verification for the All-RISE program.

“We’re looking at the language and we’re trying to figure out how we might make it easier for people. We’re continuing to look at this even further,” Shimizu said in an interview with NewsTalk K57’s Patti Arroyo.

To accommodate people, Shimizu said they are accepting not just current verifications, but also any verification that was received from January 1, 2020 through the present.

“Also, if you received a mayor’s verification for another purpose, we will accept that. For example, if you applied for a mayor’s verification for Public Health or even DRT for another purpose — as long as you received it, and it’s for 2020 and forward going through the present — then we’ll go ahead and accept those,” Shimizu said.

She added that they will be accepting electronic copies but only directly from the applicant.

“Likely, we’re going to request for everything to come directly from the taxpayers themselves or the applicants themselves, as opposed to coming from the Mayors Council. And the reason for this is we’re working to match up documents and if we get a mass email coming from the Mayors Council, it will cause delays and will make it difficult for us to match those up with the taxpayers,” she said.

Shimizu said DRT is reaching out to the Mayors Council and talking with the mayors to make sure that there’s an understanding as to what DRT is allowing in terms of the All RISE requirements.

“But we’re also hearing from them about what other recommendations they have, that perhaps we may be able to include or adjust in ours as we work on finalizing the program requirements,” she said.

Shimizu said they are aware that a lot of people are already waiting for the All RISE payments and she said she is in constant communication with Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero about this.

“We are targeting to have the application ready within the next couple of weeks. So that may be the end of this month … we can open it up to everybody. For those people who are not able to get online and who file manually, will have those forms available,” Shimizu said.