DRT wants to move vehicle registration to Public Works by April 19

DRT's vehicle registration section will soon be finding a new home. (PNC photo)

The Department of Revenue and Taxation vehicle registration unit will be moving to the Department of Public Works on April 19.

At least that’s the plan, according to DRT director Dafne Shimizu.

Rev & Tax’s vehicle registration and driver’s license units are the two busiest divisions in DRT.

By moving the vehicle registration unit, Shimizu hopes to lighten the load at the main DRT office in Barrigada where lately the lines have been starting as early as 5 am.

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“So that’s our target and we’re working towards that, but we don’t have anything final yet on that,” Shimizu said in an interview with Jayne Flores at NewsTalk K-57.

Once vehicle registration is transferred, however, Shimizu said DRT can again offer vehicle registration and driver’s license services five days a week.

Currently, DRT is offering those services on alternating days because of social distancing and the other limitations caused by COVID-19.

“The great thing about this is that once we can move vehicle registration, we will be able to serve for both driver’s license and vehicle registration five days a week and we believe that will be a huge improvement,” Shimizu said.

DRT is now finalizing the move and meeting with DPW to facilitate the move.

“We are working with DPW to make sure that all of the build-outs and things that we need to do to get that space ready are happening,” Shimizu said.