DRT will start paying advance child tax credit; update portal out soon


The Department of Revenue and Taxation will begin to pay the Advance Child Tax Credit in the following weeks and then monthly through December 2021.

DRT will be launching the CTC Update Portal and will be allowing taxpayers to make changes to their information in phases.

Once DRT launches the portal, it will advise the community and recommends that individuals utilize the portal as the manual filing of the Form 15323A GU may take time to process.

Taxpayers will be able to make adjustments to their information for purposes of the Advance Child Tax Credit in phases.

For the September 2021 Advance Child Tax Credit payment, taxpayers will only be able to unenroll and must do so no later than September 14, 2021.

Until the Child Tax Credit Update Portal is launched, changes will only be able to be submitted manually by using the Form 15323A GU. The Form 15323A GU must be filed at DRT’s Income Tax Branch.

The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 authorized the Advance Child Tax Credit and gave mirror code territories the opportunity to elect to opt into the Advance for their respective jurisdictions.

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In preparation for the payments, DRT has issued its first FAQ for the Advance Child Tax Credit for Guam residents.

Click the PDF below for the complete FAQ:

FAQ Guam CTC Implementation Plan


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