Drug addict reveals life in a world of drugs


“People that use drugs aren’t generally bad people but they do bad things to acquire the fix that they need,” stated the anonymous source.
Guam – As the Government launches a new campaign called “Don’t Meth your life up” PNC was taken to an undisclosed location for an exclusive interview with man whose identity was hidden behind a mask but the interview gave an inside look at the power of drug addiction

“People that use drugs aren’t generally bad people but they do bad things to acquire the fix that they need,” stated the anonymous source.

PNC: Have you every done anything bad to get your drugs?

“Honestly,  the thing is you don’t hurt the people that don’t care about you, you hurt the people that love you the most and that’s the thing that I didn’t realize until it was too late that I was hurting the people that I love and taking advantage of them caring for me so you know it really sucks that it works out that way but your addiction does take over a lot.  I lost everything, a guy that use too have everything that I wanted until I got an addiction. And then at one point and time it came to a point I had $300.00 and that $300.00 would go to 6 pills that would last me the night and no gas in my car no food no nothing, but I would rather spend the $300.00 on 6 pills that would get me high for like 5 to 6 hours,” said PNC Source.

He was 18 years old when he first started using drugs and as the years went by his drugs use became heavier eventually leading to the use of hard drugs. And like many drug addicts, he underestimated the power of an addiction and reached a point where he would use whatever drug he could get his hands on. According to the source, he took every kind of pill he could get his hands on, every type of opiad, Percoccet , hydrocodone, oxycodone, heroine, coke and ice.

But why would a person subject themselves to a life of drugs?

“The reason why I do it because I guess it helps me forget all the problems that I really do have but then that’s all I’m doing, I’m just forgetting about my problems, rather than facing it at all,” said the source.

He has now reached the point where he has become a slave to his addiction and believes he needs it to function.

“Every time that I actually do go to sleep and I do wake up. Every time I wake up it’s a must, because if I don’t have it when I wake up then I just don’t wake up.”

PNC: So you need it to function?

“I need it to get out of bed and do the things that I need to do daily,” revealed the source.

And like many in his shoes Kicking the drug habit is no easy task and its one that many have a hard time recovering from.

He said, “It got to a point where like when you quit you need to have a reason for quitting and if that reason is not yourself then it becomes a little moot if that reason is no longer there. It’s something that I struggle with inside so I can’t fight everything at once so you know I do give into my addictions so I can deal with the things that I have to deal with daily.”

PNC: So are you still an ice user at this time?

“At this point and time yes, I still use meth and how often do you utilize that? It’s a lot. I have actually gone about the past 48 hours without it but before that it was an everyday thing.”

What has made the drug addiction even worse is how easily accessible drugs like ice are on island.

He says, “ ice is everywhere, it has been turned into a fad to start bringing in some meth and start selling it to make money.”








SOURCEJolene Toves
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