Drug case unsealed detailing woman’s attempt to smuggle ice through rectum


The woman refused to consent to a strip search so she was taken to a clinic for an x-ray where the foreign objects were seen in her rectal cavity.

Guam – Another drug case was recently unsealed detailing a woman’s alleged attempt to smuggle drugs into Guam through her rectal cavity.

Erlinda Lizama Reyes was arrested in June last year after customs agents at the airport say a drug sniffing dog alerted to smelling drugs on Reyes. Reyes had just flown in from the Philippines.

After Reyes refused to a strip search, court papers say Reyes was taken to a clinic for an x-ray that indicated the presence of foreign objects inside of Reyes’ rectal cavity. Federal authorities say Reyes eventually agreed to expel the items and admitted that the items were, in fact, methamphetamine or ice concealed inside of balloons.

Court papers say the substance tested presumptive positive for ice and weighed about 195 grams.