Drug ring busted following traffic stop by DOA Conservation officers


Guam – Drug, guns and a stash of cash, were uncovered by authorities who assisted conservation officers in making a traffic stop.

Authorities were in for a treat when they got a call from Department of Agriculture conservation officers in need of assistance with a traffic stop in the Marbo Cave area.

According to GPD Spokesperson Sgt Paul Tapao, David Cepeda Torres was discovered with 7 ounces of methamphetamine, and over 18-thousand dollars in cash and firearms.

His arrest led to the arrest of six other individuals under two search warrants carried out by GPD’s Manadna Drug Task Force and the Drug enforcement Administration.

Police say, the first warrant was executed on a home in Mongmong, where they encountered Kevin James Camacho, Jason Camacho, Quitigua, Jeffery Cepeda Camacho, and Justin Vincent Camacho. The four men were at the home when officers discovered methamphetamines, drug paraphernalia and guns.

According to Tapao a second raid was conducted on a home in Agana Heights. The raid yielded 4.4 ounces of methamphetamine, 14 grams of cocaine, 30 grams of marijuana, and over 15-thousand dollars in cash.

At the Agana Heights home police came upon Cynthia Leon Guerrero Paulino who provided GPD with information about drug proceeds contained within a local bank safety deposit box. Police say when they executed a search warrant on the box, 510-thousand dollars in cash and other assets were discovered.

All of the individuals were arrested on the following offenses:

  • David Cepeda Torres//39-year-old//male//Chamorro from
  • Kevin James Camacho//31-year-old//male//Chamorro for Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule II
  • Jason Camacho Quitgua//42-year-old//male//Chamorro for Possession of a Controlled Substance
  • Jeffery Cepeda Camacho//51-year-old//male//Chamorro for Possession of a Firearm without a Valid
  • Justin Vincent Camacho//33-year-old//male//Chamorro for Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule II.
  • Cynthia Leon Guerrero Paulino//44-year-old//female//Chamorro for Possession
    of a Controlled Substance Schedule II/with the intent to Distribute; Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule II/with the Intent to Distribute; Illegal Possession of a Controlled Substance Schedule I.

They were all booked and confined.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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Jolene Toves
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