Drug Sweep At Southern High


Guam – About 8 customs K-9 teams came to Southern High School to conduct a drug sweep. According to Southern High School Principle James Petitte,  he wants to make it clear to the students that drugs will not be tolerated on the campus.

Petitte says, “When  parents send their children to school, they should be here to learn. He says they won’t be able to learn if they are high or intoxicated. He says during the first week of school, there were a couple of kids who brought in Marijuana, they were referred and then expelled from the school.

According to Petitte, “Southern High has a wonderful talent pool of students. We just need to be there for them. How I am here for them is to create a safe campus for them. But i need their help. I told them today during this morning’s assembly that I need their help to make this scjhool safe. What they do will dicates how things are going to run here. If they are safe and doing their work, then all of us are going to have a good time.”