Drugs and cellphone found in Maximum Security Unit at Prison

Right: Raymond Tedtaotao Left: Frank Pangilinan

The identities of the two inmates who were in possession of contraband at the Mangilao prison compound have been released by GPD.

Guam – In recent months, the Department of Corrections has beefed up their efforts to “clean house,” increasing their resources and partnering with various local law enforcement to prevent and locate contraband that made its way into the hands of those incarcerated.

The combined effort has led to several arrests of allegedly corrupted DOC officers, inmates, detainees and civilians.

In the latest reported shakedown, two inmates identities have been released by GPD. According to GPD Spokesperson AJ Balajadia, Frank Edward Pangelinan was found with a cell phone, a modified charging device and a small quantity of marijuana. He was charged with promoting major prison contraband.

Raymond Tedtaotao, was discovered with two modified pipes stained with white frosty residue which tested positive for ice. He was charged with promoting major prison contraband and illegal possession of a scheduled two controlled substance.

Both were booked and re-confined.