Dry Weather Is On the Way


Guam – Gray skies are gonna clear up, at least for a little while.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Brandon Aydlatt says the rainy weather over the past two weeks has been caused by several frontal systems pushing across the Northwest Pacific from the Coast of Japan and Parts of Northeast Asia.

One and a half inches of rain fell over Guam Monday night as a Shear Line lifted back up into the area but Aydlett says that as the system pulls away we should see some drier conditions.

“Probably by Wednesday or Thursday we’ll start seeing some drying conditions arrive as the trade winds start to filter into the area,” Aydlett explains.  “The next frontal system will probably be latter in the weekend or early next week but for now maybe another day and a half of showers and maybe a 30-40% chance of showers but nothing crazy, not like last night.”

Aydlett adds that while this type of weather seems unusual for the Dry Season it is just the nature of tropical weather.

“The end of the wet season was actually dryer than this” says Aydlett.  “You get averages for Climatology and the weather is what happens everyday.”