GPD Launches Random Weekly Checkpoints; Exact Day Won’t Be Announced in Advance


Guam – Guam Police have announced their intention to launch random DUI checkpoints each week throughout the rest of this year.

GPD PIO Officer A.J. Balajadia says starting next week, GPD’s Highway Patrol will select 1 night each week to do random DUI Check Points and the  random weekly check points will last through the rest of 2011.

The exact day that these checkpoints are conducted will not be announced in advance.

Officer Balajadia says the program has been launched to help deter individuals who might try and dodge the pre-announced check points by drinking and driving when no check point has been scheduled.

The random checkpoints will be conducted on Routes #1, #4, #8, #14 and #16.

They’ll start at 6 pm and run through 6 am the following morning.

Meanwhile, there are 3 scheduled DUI Check Points set for this Memorial Day Weekend.

Officer A.J. Balajadia says Highway Patrol will launch the DUI Check Points starting Sunday May 29th and they will continue on Monday and Tuesday.

These 3 Memorial Weekend DUI Checkpoints will be conducted along Routes #1 #4, #,8, #10, #14 and #16

The checkpoints will start at 6 pm and last through 6  am the following morning.