Dusit Thani Addresses Pumping of Storm Water


A video was posted online showing what appeared to be the illegal dumping of storm water runoff into Tumon Bay.

Guam – The General Manager for Dusit Thani, Dean Huntsman is responding to community concerns about the alleged illegal dumping of storm water into Tumon Bay.


Huntsman says based on the information provided by the contractors who were seen in a video pumping water out of a flooded roadway in between the Dusit Thani and Outrigger Hotels, no violation occurred.

Huntsman says Dusit Thani is committed to protecting the environment and maintains that the hotel management is following all environmental regulations.

“As far as I understand it thus far there’s no evidence of a violation. They were pumping the water to the existing stormwater system, but of course in that particular time the whole system was overwhelmed. I think it’s not something that is a new situation. I think in this part of town there’s been flash flooding on a regular basis and when we have heavy rains I think they were trying to mitigate that by pushing the water back into the storm water system which is an approved system,” Huntsman explains.

Huntsman says Dusit Thani is cooperating with Guam EPA officials.

Meanwhile GEPA issued a statement today on the matter:

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency continues to look into reports of storm water being discharged into a portion of Tumon Bay. A review of the situation is ongoing. Here are details of the preliminary assessment:


On July 5, the Guam Environmental Protection Agency received video footage from concerned citizens of what appeared to be hoses and a pump system, taking storm water pooling in the driveway of a hotel and discharging into the bay.


Two agency officials, a senior engineer and the agency deputy administrator, responded to the scene immediately.


Guam EPA officials are speaking with Dusit Thani Guam Resort and their contractor. Both businesses are cooperating. Guam EPA also continues to work with other agencies on the matter.