DYA holds authentic literacy training seminar


“Children survive when they grow their brain power.” – Laura Torres Souder

Guam – The Department of Youth Affairs held a 3-day training seminar on literacy building strategies in its’ Mangilao, Kattan Youth Center.

The training sessions were taught by Laura Torres Souder and her husband Samuel Betances. Souder says that the kids in DYA need authentic literacy skills just as much as any other children in the public or private school system. So, Souder and her husband via their firm, Souder Betances and associates, have been training DYA personnel on various skills and strategies they can use to build authentic literacy. The program is called the winning formula.

“Children survive when they grow their brain power. The food for the brain is words. So, it begins with a very robust literacy program, but authentic literacy incorporates critical thinking skills, math skills, inquiry skills, which are associated with science all forms of proficiencies that are integrated into the academic proficiency trajectory,” said Souder.


Souder says that it’s important for the leaders of Guam to realize the importance of authentic literacy skills and fund these kinds of programs.