DZSP plans to fight for $495M Navy Base contract in Federal Claims Court


Guam – Federal contractor DZSP 21 LLC will protest the Navy’s recent decision to re-award a Joint Region Marianas base-operations support services contract to DZSP 21’s competitor, Fluor.

As you may last remember, the Federal Claims Court tipped its hat to DZSP’s protest of the original award to Fluor. In so doing, the court left it to the Navy to decide whether to restart the competition with a new request for proposal or to re-evaluate DZSP 21’s and Fluor’s previous proposals.

Underscoring its experience as a three-time JRM support services contractor, in January of this year DZSP argued its latest proposal offers the best value.

At the time, DZSP stated that Guam, the Navy, and the Joint Region may be better served by a fresh look at the requirements of the contract and a new round of RFP’s, considering the prevailing needs of the Pacific region.

For now, the 8-year, $495 million Guam base contract remains in Fluor’s hands. It was awarded to Fluor in September of last year. DZSP 21 plans to file its protest with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims immediately.