E-commerce for GovGuam data proposed


“Digitize and monetize GovGuam data.” – Senator Wil Castro


(Sinajana) Today, Senators Wil Castro and Louise Borja Muna introduced Bill No. 353-34 that proposes to authorize the government of Guam to make certain data, products and/or services available on the web through a third-party provider.

The bill zeroes in on an award-winning Guam land mobile application and, if approved, will allow the Department of Land Management to provide existing data to the average consumer as well as offer premium services to realtors, developers and investors.

The bill builds upon previous done by Senator Wil Castro in his prior capacity as the Director of the Bureau of Statistics and Plans when the Guam land mobile application was first released and made available for free.  The initial version of the Guam Land Mobile application combined data layers from the Department of Land Management, Bureau of Statistics and Plan, Department of Public Works and the Department of Revenue and Taxation.

“The government of Guam has so much information available that can create value for businesses, investors, off-island consumers and the average citizen. By digitizing and monetizing this data in a secured online environment the government will open up a whole new revenue stream,” says Senator Wil Castro.

“A one-stop shop online for land information would be amazing. Making premium products and services available securely online is a smart move for govGuam,” says Senator Louise Borja Muna.

The bill will allow consumers to attain information without having to travel then wait in a line at the Department of Land Management or any other agency where the same data may also be available.

Revenues generated will allow for data to be updated on environmental layers such as constraints or hazards on land, coastal features, historical sites, rivers, contour (elevations) lines, conservation and marine protected areas, landslide hazards, major fault buffers, sinkholes, watershed areas, flood hazards and wetland areas.