Early Voting Begins October 11th till November 3rd


The General Election draws near.

To prepare the island’s voters, the Guam Election Commission gave PNC’s Althea Engman a rundown on important dates and services to help keep the community informed

Here’s more.

Early voting will begin on October 11th until November 3rd Tuesday to Friday from 9 am till 6 pm over at the Westin Guam. Voters can take advantage of this facility to register and vote early and skip the long lines on election day.

However, keep in mind that registration will close on October 24th

GEC will also be accommodating residents by introducing

Anyone who wants to register can go to Okoddo high school on October 15th and you can be from any village

Maria Pangelinan, Executive Director of the Guam Election Commission said, “Anybody, any registered voter or anyone who wants to register can come there. You can be from any village and still register or and vote at okkodo high school.”

Other than Okkodo high school, GEC will also be at the Guam Community College on October 22nd and will then down south to Malesso Martyrs’ Elementary on October 29th to help them vote from 10 am to 3 pm.

October 18th will be the last day to register for volunteer, online, and motor vehicle registration.

October 18th will also mark the start of district voter registration at the 19 mayor’s offices which will begin as soon as 8 am in the morning till 8 pm in the evening.

As for off-island voters who requested primary election ballots, they have the option to check off whether or not they wanted general election ballots as well.

Pangelinan says that those requests that were made up until yesterday have been sent off.

She added, “We sent 289 ballots off the island, and we will continue to service them until November 5th, so 3 days before the election is the last day of island voters can request for absentee ballots

Furthermore, Pangelinan said, Go to our website at gec.guam.gov, go to the tab that says “voters” and then click on another tab again that says “absentee voting”

Furthermore, precinct official training is ongoing and GEC welcomes everyone who would like to participate to come out to the class.

Precinct officials that have been appointed for general elections are also welcome to attend starting September 30th and on October 1st.

Pangelinan ensures that if you participated in early voting during primary elections, nothing has changed with procedures, but will continue to improve operations

Reporting for the Pacific News Centre,
I’m Althea Engman

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