Early Voting for Primary Election is now open


The time to vote is now – Early voting for the Primary Election is now open – with its opening – you can now use your voice to guide the future of Guam.

PNC’s Althea Engman has more..

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30 days before primary elections, the Westin resort has opened its doors to those interested in casting their votes early or for those who would like to register.

“If you are interested, all you need to bring is a government-issued ID as well as high school ids and your university of Guam or Guam community college ID”

For Homebound votes, you can schedule by calling 671-477-9791 for a Guam Election Commission representative to stop by your house with a ballot.

Maria Pangelinan , GEC Executive Director said, “How it was described to us was one of the ladies told us, you know man, I only go out to the hospital and see my daughter and back. So those guys are truly homebound and that service only happens when we get contact information. We will pre fill out the application form and then we’ll go out and service them in their homes.”

Moreover, if you require assistance at the site, GEC accommodations are available for those who need easy access over at the Westin.

Pangelinan said, They will drive down to the lobby level and they will be directed to go towards the lobby level parking structure where they will be service in their cars, we want to stress that it is for people who cannot come in to the polling room unassisted.”

There are universal voting machines for those who have disabilities in the polling room- which is available to everyone.

“Westin is open up until August 19th from 10 am till 6 pm Tuesday to Friday and registration is only open until August 17th”

On August 5th, GEC will stop volunteering voting, motor voter and online registration.

In addition, on August 5th GEC will start district registration at all Mayors offices till 8 pm in the evening from Monday to Friday up until August 17th.

“When you come down and vote you can park at level 4a and a golf cart will then take you to the front entrance of the voting facility”

If you have already registered, you can bring the yellow paper given to you or if you have misplaced it you can always re-register and vote on the spot.

For more information or if you need to double check if you are registered you can visit Gec.Guam.Gov