Earth Wind and Fire Experience tonight at UOG


The show starts at 6:30 p.m. General admission tickets can be purchased at the door for $50.

Guam – Boogie Wonderland, September, Let’s Groove Tonight — hit after hit after hit. And the same team that brought you Air Supply last year is bringing a funk and R&B party to Guam with Al McKay’s Earth Wind and Fire Experience.

Al McKay, legendary guitarist and composer of some of the biggest Earth Wind and Fire hits, will be bringing the Earth Wind and Fire Experience to the UOG Calvo Fieldhouse tonight with his band, the Al McKay Allstars. At a press conference last night, McKay shared the story of how Earth Wind and Fire founder, the late Maurice White, came up with the name.

“Earth Wind and Fire came from Maurice White’s astrology chart. He was a Sagittarius, but there was no water — the elements earth, wind, fire, and water — and there was no water in his chart,” McKay recalled. “So, Earth Wind and Fire just sounded strong, and that’s what he called it.”

While the band will be performing many chart-topping Earth Wind and Fire hits, they will also be entertaining audiences with new songs they recently recorded, including “Heed the Message.”

Vocalist, Claude Woods, shared what audiences can expect from tonight’s show. “Each song tells a story and is a part, like a brick in a wall,” Woods said. “All of these songs go together to create one great, strong wall of sound that’s coming at you.”

The show starts at 6:30 p.m. at the UOG Calvo Fieldhouse, and according to the presenters, tickets can be purchased at the door.