Ed. Board agrees to tentative settlement


Board members agree to settlement talks in ongoing multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Guam – It appears at least half of the individuals named in the Fernandez vs Education Board lawsuit are ready to settle. Today, over in district court the Attorney General announced the tentative agreement between the two parties.

Attorney General Elizabeth Barrett-Anderson said that at least two of the four defendants had officially come to terms. Those two individuals are Ken Chargulaf and Lou San Nicolas. The defendants in the multi-million dollar lawsuit are comprised of former and current Education Board Members.

The $7 million lawsuit stems from a controversial termination of Superintendent Jon Fernandez.

Part of Fernandez’s terms for resuming his role as superintendent included paying his attorney’s fees which at present remain at $60K.

According to GEB Finance Chairman Mark Mendiola, this was a long-awaited and arduous settlement process.

“We were willing to settle a while ago and the plaintiff was willing to settle. It’s just the terms and the AG of course being the representative of the board. She was willing to be the representative and we’re at where we’re at. We just need to close this chapter and focus on what will meet the priorities of the department,” Mendiola said.

Another status hearing is slated 60 days from now for the Education Board to report on the legislature’s approval of certain terms.