Education Board anxious to settle lawsuit with superintendent

(PNC photo)

“The longer this drags on, the more difficult this is going to deal with,” GEB member Mark Mendiola said.

Guam – Settlement talks between the Guam Education Board and Superintendent Jon Fernandez are slow, but ongoing.

It was just revealed today that the board was finally forwarded the settlement agreement from the Attorney General’s Office. Both parties in the $7 million lawsuit appear to be coming to terms.

Last year, the board voted to terminate Fernandez based on several allegations, some of which involved sexual misconduct. The case drew public outcry mostly in support of Fernandez and it’s even argued to have cost the re-election of at least one senator.

Fernandez then sued the board and the individual members who voted to fire him for a total of $7 million in damages.

According to Guam Education Board member Mark Mendiola, the parties are ready to move forward with the settlement. Conditions in the settlement include paying Fernandez’s attorney’s fees which amount to $60 thousand.

“The AG and the plaintiff have met and they have forwarded a settlement for us to consider and approve, but the board has some questions and we’ve asked them to meet with us,” Mendiola said.

Although there isn’t a definitive date set, Mendiola added that he believes the board will have the opportunity to meet with the AG soon as both parties are anxious to settle the lawsuit.

“The longer this drags on, the more difficult this is going to deal with,” Mendiola said.