Education board member’s motion to rescind bill of particulars fails


GEB member Peter Alexcis Ada motioned to rescind the bill of particulars. The motion failed 4-3.

Guam – During a GEB meeting earlier tonight, GEB member Peter Alexcis Ada motioned to rescind the bill of particulars: a report that outlines the offenses Education Board members weighed before terminating Superintendent Jon Fernandez’s contract.

Ada said, “let the board of education, the body of 7 in consultation with legal counsel. The board will finalize what ever it’s going to do.”

The motion failed–4 nays and 3 yeas. 

The highly-anticipated Bill of Particulars was finalized and released to Jon Fernandez and his legal counsel David Lujan.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Fernandez’s legal counsel responded to the media for the first time since the termination of Fernandez’s contract. 

While Attorney Lujan says they look forward to “answering any allegations,” the process by which Fernandez was terminated and the actions thereafter has already been tainted. “He should be reinstated as soon as possible,” he said.

Fernandez’s contract was terminated earlier this month. 

Other items discussed during tonights meeting included “Code of Ethics” and GEB board policy 409.

According to Ada, the policy specifically covers harassment, bullying, cyber bullying, texting, and sexual harassment.  

At the last GEB meeting, the board passed a motion to sustain Fernandez’s pay as well as any other benefits mentioned in his contract until the board finalizes on the superintendent’s termination.

Also on the agenda was the subject of transgender policies and a discussion on Chamorro Studies.