Education Board To Look Into Okkodo High Break-In


Guam- Officials at Okkodo High School are still assessing and cleaning up the damages done by vandals that broke into the school Sunday night.

School staff say 47 classrooms were vandalized, with numerous door windows shattered and the special education room spray painted. Some of the campus lockers were also broken into. It also appears the vandals cut through the school’s wire fence and broke in through a classroom window.

While Advanced Management Inc. will be replacing the broken windows before students return in January, the costs to clean up what the vandals destroyed is adding up for the Department of Education.

Guam Education Policy Board chair Ron Ayuyu says they will be discussing the Okkodo High incident and the rest of the recent break-ins at the next board meeting. However, he urges the community to keep a watchful eye and take pride in their public schools.

“I just like to ask people out there and the community, please take pride in your schools around your village because it’s important” said Ayuyu. “You help us, and it helps us to save money not to repair damages from people that vandalized the schools.”

Ayuyu says the board will be looking into changing vandalism polices at DOE in January and to see if they can fund funding to install security cameras on school campuses.

Okkodo High is the most recent school to be vandalized in recent weeks. Astumbo Middle School and George Washington High School have also been broken into and vandalized.