Eight Students Graduate from GCC’s IT Cybersecurity Program

Guam Community College (file photo)

Eight individuals celebrated graduation from GCC’s IT cybersecurity program — filling the critical need of individuals in this sector.

PNC’s Destiny Cruz has more on this story

The Guam Community College offered an IT cybersecurity program to interested individuals for the first time. The boot camp, which started in July, ran for approximately two weeks and slightly veered away from GCC’s traditional programs in that participants underwent intensive training entirely on cybersecurity operations.

The specific areas participants trained to investigate include endpoint vulnerabilities and attacks, preventing malicious access to computer networks and hosts, and identifying and classifying various network attacks.

PNC spoke with Denise Mendiola, who runs GCC’s continuing education and workforce development program, this morning about why the community college felt it was essential to offer this program to Guam’s people.

Mendiola said, “This training is really critical because there’s a dire need for cybersecurity techs and folks in the entry-level to get into this industry, especially in Guam. And so, that created–made it a priority for GCC to conduct this training, and it was pretty intense, and that’s why we just focused just on the course.”

According to Mendiola, this IT cybersecurity boot camp cycle started with 12 participants and celebrated eight completers with a graduation ceremony yesterday. The graduates are as follows: Angelo Dela Cruz, Steven McDonald, Eddie Quitugua, Nathan Sablan, Spencer Torres, Camarin Tubiera, Blaine Cruz, and Maverick Gozun.

Furthermore, the program offered a pathway for employment to the individual completers– as several of them have been employed by either of the three employment sponsors: G4S, Quantum Technology Group, and Docomo Pacific.

Mendiola said, “It was really nice to see because one of the students stood up and spoke and talked about his experience going through this training program– his education was completely paid for because of the funding opportunity that we had, and he now is in a new career that he has always wanted to be in and for him, that was a huge milestone in his life. So, not only did he get to go to school for free, he was hired on by an employer, and now he’s in a career that he absolutely loves.”

According to Denise, GCC looks forward to the continuation of this boot camp in addition to more of its critical boot camps soon.

Destiny Cruz, PNC News First.

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