Election commission conducts ballot placement Wednesday night; more candidates file for education board

Guam Election Commission (PNC file photo)

With Guam currently in PCOR 1, the Guam Election Commission live-streamed its ballot placement of candidates for the general election on Wednesday night.

In the past, all drawings for ballot positions were done publicly, and persons appearing on the ballot are specifically invited to attend.

Each candidate for any office under a party or independent designation are listed according to lots drawn during the placement process.

According to Maria Pangelinan, GEC executive director, the ballot placement was supposed to have been held on Monday, Sept. 7.

However, GEC received 10 candidates for the six available seats at the Guam Education Board and the election commission did not finish vetting all the files in time for the original schedule.

More candidates file for Guam Education Board

While there are 6 elective seats available for the Guam Election Board, the election commission received 10 complete candidate packets.

We were pleasantly surprised,” Pangelinan said in a K57 interview with Patti Arroyo. 

During the last election in 2018, GEC only received 4 packets for the education board, according to Pangelinan.

Several current board members are running in the elections, including current GEB Chair Maria Gutierrez and Vice Chair Mark Mendiola. Board members Lourdes Benavente and Lawrence Jay M. Alcairo and former GEB board member Peter Alecxis Ada are also running.

GCC President Mary Okada, Salvador Avilla, a former principal of Agueda Johnston Middle School, and Robert Crisostomo, the principal of St. Anthony Catholic School are also vying for a spot in the education board.

Alexander M. Duenas and educator Dr. Deborah Ellen round up the list of GEB candidates.

Here’s the list of candidates based on their ballot placement:

Guam Legislature Democrat

  • 1. San Agustin, Joe Shimizu
  • 2. Carillo, Christopher L.
  • 3. Terlaje, Jose Toves
  • 4. Leon Guerrero, Frank G.
  • 5. Muna Barnes, Tina Rose
  • 6. Shelton, Amanda
  • 7. Duenas, David Ralph
  • 8. Nelson, Telena Cruz
  • 9. Ridgell, Clynton E.
  • 10. Terlaje, Therese M.
  • 11. Bordallo, Fred E., Jr.
  • 12. Ananich, John Albert, II
  • 13. Meno, Franklin J.
  • 14. Perez, Sabina E.
  • 15. Marsh, Kelly G.

Delegate Democrat

  1. San Nicolas, Michael F.Q.
  2. Underwood, Robert Anacletus

Delegate Republican

  1. Castro, William

Guam Legislature Republican

  • 1. Armenta, Michelle Lynn
  • 2. Brown, Joanne M.
  • 3. Hernandez, Dominic Joaquin
  • 4. Blas, Frank Flores, Jr.
  • 5. Torres, Mary Camacho
  • 6. Moylan, James C.
  • 7. Ada, Vicente Anthony Borja
  • 8. Cruz, Joseph Iglesias
  • 9. Leon Guerrero, Joaquin Vicente
  • 10. Seau, Sandra Reyes
  • 11. Taitague, Telo Teresa
  • 12. Edquilane, Don Antonio Ada
  • 13. Borja, Vincent A.V.
  • 14. Duenas, Christopher M

Guam Education Board

  • 1. Alcairo, Lawrence Jay M.
  • 2. Gutierrez, Maria A.
  • 3. Mendiola, Mark B.
  • 4. Duenas, Alexander M.
  • 5. Ellen, Dr. Deborah
  • 6. Benavente, Lourdes M.
  • 7. Avilla, Salvador J.
  • 8. Crisostomo, Robert A.
  • 9. Ada, Peter Alecxis D.
  • 10. Okada, Dr. Mary A.Y.

Consolidated Commission on Utilities

  1. Perez, Kenneth Robert
  2. Duenas, Joseph Thomas
  3. Martinez, Pedro Roy
  4. Guthertz, Dr. Judith P.
  5. Blas, Nonito Vincent

Asan Maina Mayor Democrat

  1. Salas, Frankie A.
  2. Gumataotao, John Joseph

Umatac Democrat

  1. Santiago, Andy Aguon
  2. Aguon, Gilbert Quinata

Merizo Democrat

  1. Cruz, Julie San Nicolas
  2. Taijeron, John P.
  3. Cruz, Stephen Michael

Inarajan Democrat

  1. Mantanona, Kenneth D.
  2. Chargualaf, Anthony P., Jr.

Talofofo Democrat

  1. Diego, Thomas C.
  2. Taitague, Vicente Salas
  3. Atoigue, Albert Santos

Yona Democrat

  1. Terlaje, Edward Toves
  2. Quenga, Bill Aguon

Agana Heights Democrat

  1. Pangelinan, Jesse Flores
  2. Fujikawa, Jesse Munoz

Tamuning Vice Mayor Republican

  1. Atalig, Javier M., Jr.
  2. Toves, Albert Mendiola

Yigo Mayor Democrat

  1. Flores, Dennis David
  2. Lizama, Frances Sudo
  3. Guerrero, Lillian Opena
  4. Pascual, Peter Martin

Yigo Mayor Republican

  1. Sanchez, Anthony P.
  2. Santos, James Gary

Yigo Vice Mayor Democrat

  1. Flores, Sylvia A.
  2. Lujan, Edward Joseph Laguana