Overseas Service Members Can Email or Download Absentee Ballot for Delegate Race


Guam –  The Guam Election Commission [GEC] Saturday filed its plan of compliance with the District Court to satisfy the requirements of the Uniform and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act [UOCAVA].

GEC’s plan will allow overseas service members to request a ballot by email, or to go directly to the GEC website to download a Delegate Ballot.

The compliance plan was ordered by District Court Judge Francis Tydingco-Gatewood after the U.S. Justice Department filed suit against the GEC because it failed to issue absentee ballots to Guam service members and dependants stationed overseas 45 days prior to the November 2ed election, as required by Federal law.

Voting for the Guam Delegate race ONLY has been extended until November 15th. Madeleine Bordallo is running unchallenged on the democratic ticket.

No other local Guam races are affected by the court’s order.

How to Get An Absantee Ballot for the Delegate Race:

* UOCAVA voters may submit a request to the Guam Election Commission (GEC) to receive their 2010 General Election Federal Ballot (Guam’s Non-Voting Delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives) electronically by email.

* Such a request can be made by emailing or faxing an Absentee Ballot Application to the Guam Election Commission.

* Applications can either be emailed to director@gec.guam.gov or faxed to the GEC at (671) 477-1895.

* The Absentee Ballot Application can be downloaded from the “Documents” drop menu on the Commission’s website at www.gec.guam.gov .

* The voter must sign and postmark his or her ballot by November 2, 2010 and that the ballots have until November 15, 2010 to be received by the Guam Election Commission.

In compliance with the UOCAVA as amended by the MOVE Act, the GEC is ordered by the court:

1. to establish email as Guam’s electronic transmission option for UOCAVA voters;

2. that the GEC shall contact each UOCAVA voter either by email or by telephone as to the option to receive their Federal Absentee Ballot;

3. that the GEC shall promptly transmit an Absentee Ballot by email to all UOCAVA voters who request for electronic transmission;

4. that the deadline for receipt of the Federal Ballot by the UOCAVA voter has been extended to November 15, 2010;

5. that the GEC shall establish a procedure providing which ballot shall be counted if both ballots are returned.

6. And to notify all UOCAVA voters of these rules;

7. that the GEC take such necessary steps either be email or telephonically to inform UOCAVA voters of this Court Order;

8. that the GEC shall issue a press statement for immediate release regarding this Court Order;

9. that the GEC shall provide a report to the United States Department of Justice no later than three (3) business days following the entry of this order;

10. that the GEC file a report with the Court no later than December 17, 2010 concerning the number of UOCAVA Absentee Ballots received and counted for the November 2, 2010 General Election for Federal Office;

11. and that the GEC shall take such necessary actions to assure that UOCAVA voters have a fair and reasonable opportunity to participate in future federal elections.

For further assistance regarding the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (UOCAVA), as amended by the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment (MOVE) Act or for more information on this Press Release, you may contact the Guam Election Commission at 001-671-477-9791 or 001-671-477-9792.

You may also send an email to Executive Director John F. Blas at director@gec.guam.gov