Election Commission looking to hire precinct officials; $350 stipend

Guam Election Commission (PNC file photo)
Precinct Official Application

The Guam Election Commission is looking for precinct officials to help staff the precincts during the 2020 Primary Election scheduled to be held on Saturday, August 29.

Precinct official application forms are available at the Guam Election Commission.

Precinct officials are paid a stipend of $350 per election.

To qualify as a precinct official, an individual must be registered to vote in the district in which the appointment is made; must be able to read and write the English language; must not be holding or be a nominee for an elected office; must not be an immediate relative of an elected official or candidate; must be able to pass a standardized examination of the election laws; and must not be a Director or Deputy Director of the Executive Branch or be an Administrative Director or Assistant Administrative Director of the Legislative or Judicial Branch.

Individuals who are interested in applying may download the application at https://gec.guam.gov/index.php/for-precinct-officials and may forward a completed application form with a copy of a photo I.D. to vote@gec.guam.gov.

Please call 477-9791 or email vote@gec.guam.gov if you require additional information.