Election workers finally get paid

Guam Election Commission (PNC file photo)

Election workers have finally been paid

The Guam Election Commission announced Friday morning that all precinct election workers, even those who did not return to work for the Nov. 17 runoff election, can now pick up their payments starting Friday, 11 am at the GCIC building in Agana.

According to GEC Executive Director Maria Pangelinan, there are a certain number of workers who were not included in the payment collection as they submitted their information late.

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“We needed a vendor form completed. So we hired quite a few election workers at the last minute. After election day, we called and tried to get in touch with all of them to submit a completed vendor form. So some of them just completed it this week,” Pangelinan said.

She added: “We’re following up on those late ones and we’ll see where we’re going to get it. It’s a few, not more than 10.”

The funding for the payment of the precinct workers who operated the polling sites will come from CARES Act money.

For precinct officials, $100 of their pay will also come from CARES but the rest will be from GovGuam general appropriations.