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Vice President Kamala Harris, together with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan came together earlier today to go into detail on the transition to a greener public transport system.

PNC’s Don Sulat has the report on this story…

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In order to help with the transition, Vice President Harris reported that the United States of Transportation will make $1.5 billion in grants available to help cities and towns to quote, “electrify their fleet of public buses, build infrastructure to support their fleet and train workers to run it.”

Furthermore, another common theme that was shared amongst most of the speakers, including Vice President Harris, was that the Electric Busses will be made in America. In order to promote more jobs and the transit infrastructure.

Furthermore, in terms of funding, Harris reported that the Department of Transportation is also allocating 2.2 billion dollars in funding from the American Rescue Plan to 35 transit agencies, which spread across 18 states.

The aforementioned funding and plans for a greener transit infrastructure could possibly benefit Governor Lou Leon Guerrero’s similar plan for Guam. As the Governor has recently revealed her plans on bringing electric busses to Guam to also promote a better transit infrastructure, and a greener island as well.

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