Electrical Fire In Senator Barnes’ Office Causes Evacuation At Legislature


Guam- Shortly after 1 pm Wednesday, the legislature’s building was evacuated after staffers smelled a strong smoky odor that came from Senator Tina Muna Barnes’ office.

The Guam Fire Department (GFD) and the legislature’s maintenance crew examined the entire area before everyone was allowed back inside right before 2 pm. While a fried air conditioner capacitor was discovered, it wasn’t determined as the cause of the smoke and the odor. Executive Director Vince Arriola earlier said they were isolating the problem because they believed it was electrical in nature.

“We’ve cut the main power to Senator Muna Barnes’ lobby area. We believe it’s an electrical burn or an electrical fire that’s going on” said Arriola. “The Guam Fire Department and our maintenance staff have been able to find the source of that burning or fire. And so they are going to turn it back on and try to isolate it from there.”

Arriola adds they hired a certified electrician to pinpoint the exact cause of the electrical burn. Meanwhile, Senator Barnes’ office remained closed for the rest of the day.