Electrocuted man dies; family grieves and remembers

Gus Santos was the eldest of three. He was a father, brother, grandfather, uncle, partner and local businessman who did everything for his family.

59-year-old Gus Santos had just celebrated his birthday on Aug. 14, full of aspirations. Santos had big plans to take care of his family but those dreams were cut short as an accident took his life Sunday evening. Today his family remembers and honors his life providing PNC News with a glimpse into who he was.

Gus Santos was the eldest of three. He was a father, brother, grandfather, uncle, partner and local businessman who did everything for his family.

Growing up, his family says Gus was a rough and tumble type of guy who never took no for an answer.

It’s been less than 24 hours since Gus’ life was taken in an electrocution accident. His brother John recalls that they were on a mission to pick lemai and despite the rain Gus decided he would climb a breadfruit tree.

But after picking two lemais, John looked up to see that there were sparks in the tree and Gus was holding on to a pipe. At that point, John says he knew what happened to his brother and saw him fall from the tree face first onto the ground.

“I held him up and the last thing he said was “boy.” And I said just stay with me, just stay with me. I didn’t know what to do, I was lost. I ran out near the road to try to stop a car just to get help nobody stopped. I took the car and I ran up to the house to tell her to call 911 Gus got hurt, electrical! I picked him up and just kept talking to him to stay with me,” the brother said.

But Gus did not survive the electrocution, the tree that Gus had climbed has now been chopped to the ground and a cross stands in its place. His family reeling from the incident is still in shock about his passing and shared with PNC a glimpse into Gus’ life.

“He likes to help people out there. Things that people ask him to do, no matter how hard, he is going to try his best and he will complete what they ask. One way or another, he will do it,” the brother said.

His family describes Gus as a jokester who loved to make people laugh. But when it came to his business he was a workaholic, a man of his word who was always rushing to make sure the jobs are done.

Gus opened a janitorial service one year ago with his life partner and when he wasn’t focusing on work he enjoyed hobbies like crab-hunting rain or shine and always indulged his sweet tooth.

“He likes to go out with the family and enjoy eating out or do something with the family. We would go to McDonald’s and eating ice cream was his favorite. Every time we go out and where ever we were, he always says let’s go eat ice cream… and then we go over to the governor’s house to the lookout just to sit down and enjoy the fresh air,” Gus’ partner said.

No matter what he was doing, his family says he was always willing to help out in the community and always put his family first.

His eldest daughter recalls the day she first met her father at 16 years old and she knew they would get along perfectly.

“He is a good person always wanting to help people,” the daughter said.

Now that Gus is gone, his family has made the commitment to follow through with his last wishes.

“I promised him something that he asked — to make sure that his business continues. And I will, whatever happens,” the brother said.


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