GEFF engineer believes GovGuam sent mixed signals in Simon Sanchez RFP


Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks directs question to Elizabeth Gayle asking if original RFP for Simon Sanchez sent mixed signals.  

Guam – Is the government sending mixed signals? 

That’s the line of questioning Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks asked Elizabeth Gayle, the civil engineer consultant to Guam Educational Facilities Foundation.

The protest for Simon Sanchez’s $100 million RFP continued again today, this time, GEFF’s civil engineering consultant was called as a witness.

So far, each witness that testified throughout the protest has been asked a resounding question that centered around whether certain items of the original RFP were mandated by the government. 

Today, Gayle was asked the same line of questioning by Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks: “What is your interpretation? Is the government sending mixed signals making requirements and making general guidelines?”  

Elizabeth Gayle responded: “I think the government sent mixed messages, they had their documents with requirements and then they had this bold note that basically says they’re general guidelines and then you can also tell that it was sending mixed signals to bidders because of the types of questions that were asked during the RFI period.” 

The procurement hearing continues again Thursday and is expected to close Friday.