Elliman and husband request to return to Hawaii


The couple would continue their random drug testing in Hawaii and would return to Guam if needed for court hearings.

Guam – Grammy Award winning singer Yvonne Elliman-Alexander and her husband Allen Alexander may be able to return home to Hawaii as their attorney Mike Phillips has requested for a modification to their release conditions.

Elliman and her husband were arrested and charged with illegal possession of marijuana and ice, which they allegedly tried to conceal in their luggage as they entered Guam nearly two weeks ago.

The two appeared in court Wednesday for a motion hearing in which their attorney, Mike Phillips requested that their release conditions be modified to allow the couple to return to their home in Hawaii.

“Really, nothing out of the ordinary other than home for them is Hawaii as opposed to Guam, so they just be staying home, the conditions would be the same,” said Attorney Phillips.

While the Attorney General’s office objected to the motion on the grounds that all criminal defendants be treated the same, Superior Court Judge Vernon Perez expressed that in order for him to consider the motion, Phillips and the Probation Office would need to ensure that monitoring and accountability in Hawaii be arranged.

Phillips says that Elliman and her husband would participate in a private drug treatment program which would continue the random drug testing and the results of those tests would be sent to Guam Probation Office, in addition to continued contact through email with the local probation office.

The amended release conditions would stipulate that if there any violations or if court order appearances are needed the couple would return to Guam.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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