Emergency Responders Kept Waiting To Remove Injured Passenger; Airport Concerned With Continental’s Protocols


Guam- PNC has learned it took over an hour to get an injured woman off a Continental Airlines plane that arrived early this morning from Manila at the Guam International Airport.

Former Airport Vendor Tom Tajalle called into the PNC newsroom saying his 73 year old mother went to use the restroom on the plane and apparently hit her head on a serving cart, due to turbulence. He declined an on-camera interview today, but mentions that he believes her injury left her with broken ribs. However, he says it took emergency responders and airport officials over an hour to get her off the plane because no one wanted to be responsible to remove her.

Airport spokeswoman Rolenda Faasuamalie confirms a passenger did sustain an injury while in-flight to Guam. Although she would only say some time had passed before the passenger received any medical attention, she mentions the airport is greatly concerned about current protocols with Continental and the fire department to remove injured persons.

“We’re very concerned and we understand that this situation is quite serious” said Faasuamalie. “We’re looking into this and really trying to resolve any type of time issues that we experienced this morning. We wish the patient well and hope for a speedy recovery.”

Faasuamalie also says the airport has already started discussions today with Continental and the Guam Fire Department. Meanwhile, Guam Memorial Hospital spokesman Connor Murphy tells PNC Tajalle’s mother is believed to have been seen in the emergency room and discharged this afternoon.