VIDEO: Workshop on Planing to Train for Emergencies


Guam – Emergency response agencies sat down Thursday for a training and exercises planning workshop held at the Hyatt.

The workshop is hosted annually by the Guam Homeland Security Office/Office of Civil Defense under a requirement by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Guam Homeland Security Public Affairs Officer Alyssa Benito says the workshop not only allows the agencies to sync their calendars for training exercises over the next three year but also allows agencies to request specific focus areas.

“We’re able to target areas that we’re weak at and then improve on it improve on them throughout the year,” Benito told PNC. 

Participants included the U.S. Coast Guard, Guam Police Department, Public Health, the Department Of Youth Affairs and FEMA.

The U.S. Department of  Homeland Security requires that a training and exercise planning workshop be held each year.