Emergency session urged to tackle Yona mayor recall

Mayor Jesse Blas was arrested on federal extortion and bribery allegations.

Vice Speaker Telena Cruz Nelson has formally requested that the Speaker of the 35th Guam Legislature call for an emergency session on Thursday, Jan. 16, to vote on Bill No. 259-35, relative to initiating the recall election of the Mayor of Yona.

In her letter to the Speaker, Nelson reiterated the special circumstances that have created an administrative and leadership void in Yona, leading some village residents to seek guidance from lawmakers on how to move forward with a recall election.

The Vice Speaker added that several Yona residents, through testimony provided during two town hall meetings she convened in the village, indicated they would support the recall of the Yona mayor.

According to Nelson, dozens of residents expressed fears and concerns that the absence of the mayor may precipitate threats to public safety and community welfare.

“Every village on our island has the right to have their elected municipal leaders accessible to them with the ability to address constituent concerns and represent them in community matters. This is what we are working towards,” Nelson said.