Emmy-nominated Guam filmmaker sets movie on island

Emmy-nominated actress Rain Valdez (rainvaldez.com)

Fae Pictures, an LA/Toronto-based production company, has reached out to the Guam Visitors Bureau to assist in presenting their trans-led Asian American rom-com feature project, “Re-Live: A Tale of an American Island Cheerleader.”

The movie stars and will be directed by Emmy-nominated actress Rain Valdez, who was raised on Guam. Rain Valdez and Shant Joshi, President/Producer, will be on Guam next week.

The script, written by Valdez and her co-star, Rachel Leyco (who will also be in Guam), centers on a ‘Do-Over Week’ at a Simon Sanchez High School’s 10-year class reunion.

Valdez’s character Rowena returns to her hometown of Guam to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a cheerleader. In her homecoming, she learns how to value the family she left behind.

(GVB Release)