Employee at Wendy’s Tamuning tests positive for COVID-19


Wendy’s announced on Thursday that an employee at its Tamuning location tested positive for COVID-19 through contact tracing.

The employee last worked on October 12, Monday evening, from 8 pm to 2 am without symptoms. Wendy’s Guam is providing support to this employee and their family.

The employee is now in quarantine, receiving the care and treatment necessary for their recovery.

Wendy’s has notified its employees and is following Department of Public Health & Social Services (DPHSS) and CDC guidelines and procedures.

Co-workers of the employee who were in close contact will remain home to self-quarantine and self-monitor.

On Thursday, Oct. 15, 2020, Wendy’s temporarily closed the affected restaurant for thorough and deep cleaning of the work areas and common spaces.

In addition to Wendy’s own deep cleaning procedures, the fast food company is also having Plan B Cleaning Services provide additional disinfection services.

The restaurant anticipates opening Friday morning, October 16, but with shortened hours. The Tamuning location will close at 7 pm nightly until further notice.