Employees allowed up to 2 hours for in-office absentee, curbside, and election day voting


The Office of the Attorney General reminds voters that Guam law allows public and private sector employees up to 2 consecutive hours of leave to vote.

This law applies to curbside and in-office absentee voting at the Guam Election Commission as well as voting on election day.

Employees are reminded to get evidence from the Guam Election Commission that they voted during the hours of their absence to provide to their employer. Employers found denying their employees two (2) hours of leave to vote or penalizing employees for taking leave in order to vote may be subject to a fine.

Suspected violations should be reported to the Guam Department of Labor at 300-4545 or 4544.

Curbside and in-office absentee voting is available until October 30, 2020 and can be scheduled by calling the Guam Election Commission at 477-9791.