Energy Office Conducts Final “Energy Efficiency” Inspection at Hagatna Red Cross


Guam – The Guam Energy Office this morning today [Wednesday] conducted a walk-thru inspection of energy efficiency steps implemented at the American Red Cross office in Hagatna. 

It was a final inspection of the energy efficiency technologies installed in the building.

From an energy efficency lighting system, to cool roofing, energy star office equipment, and much more, the American Red Cross building is operating with less power than it was couple of months ago and is saving dollars in its monthly power bills. 

As a result of having an energy efficient building, those extra dollars saved on electricity could  be used for other operational needs. “Energy Efficiency is good for business, good for all of us,  and good for Guam,” states Lorilee Crisostomo, Director of Guam Energy Office.

American Red Cross received grant dollars from the Guam Energy Office to make its building more energy efficient.

Through the Energy Efficiency Conservation Block Grant awarded to the Guam Energy Office from the U.S. Department of Energy, limited grants dollars were made available to non-profit organizations.