Center For Micronesian Empowerment Graduates Chuuk Training Group 1


Guam – The Center For Micronesian Empowerment today held a graduation ceremony for the members of Chuuk Training Group 1. Over the last 90 days participants have passed through an intensive “boot camp” style training program developed by the Center For Micronesian Empowerment.


 The participants have also completed their core curriculum classes at the Guam Contractors Association Trades Academy. More significant to both of these achievements is the fact that all 15 members of the program are now placed in jobs on Guam and are actively engaging in further skills development.

A delegation of high-level officials from the Chuuk State Government was on hand to witness the graduation of the 15 participants from Chuuk. The delegation was led by Chuuk State Governor Wesley Simina. Governor Simina was also accompanied by the Chuuk State Lt. Governor – Johnson Elimo. Also attending was Ms. Gardenia Aisek, Executive Director of the Dept. of Education for Chuuk State. Other Government officials from Chuuk State
were also present along with Government and community stakeholders from Guam.

Center For Micronesian Empowerment Director Mike Ghiglione said, “This is a new chapter in Guam-Chuuk relations. We are excited with the enthusiasm and dedication of these students. They have completed the program and done so with high marks. The support from the Chuuk State Government has been incredible and the local community on Guam has embraced these students. We couldn’t be happier with the results of a lot of hard work.”

This is but one of many Center For Micronesian Empowerment training groups that will be groomed in preparation for work in the military build-up and throughout the community. Noteworthy is the fact that 100% of those students who started the program completed it and are now placed in paying jobs on Guam.

Center For Micronesian Empowerment Director Ghiglione went on to say, “These first trainees are viewed as “pioneers” to the people back home on Chuuk – they are living proof that there are opportunities for young people willing to work hard and take charge of their future. Each trainee has their own story to tell and we couldn’t be prouder of their success.”