Entrapment motion in Blas case ‘premature’

Former Yona mayor Jesse Blas (file photo)

After the government filed a motion preventing the use of an entrapment defense in the ongoing federal case against Yona Mayor Jesse Blas, the mayor’s legal counsel says the motion is premature and not needed.

Attorney Joseph C. Razzano filed a motion on behalf of Blas on Tuesday, saying the government’s motion should be denied, until such time the issues presented in the case becomes ripe for review.

According to Razzano, the case continues to evolve and the investigation into the allegations against the mayor continues.

Blas is accused of using his official capacity as Yona mayor for his personal gain by selling cluster boxes to an FBI informant who posed as a drug trafficker.

The Yona cluster boxes owned by the United States Postal Service are overseen by the mayor who is designated to provide the mailboxes to residents at no charge.

Blas was charged with extortion under color of official right and travel act bribery on Sept. 18. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.