Tomorrow, aspiring business owners aged 7-13 will showcase and sell their products or services as part of the non-profit organization, Inspire Marianas’ Neni Market entrepreneurial program.

The program seeks to instill core entrepreneurship skills and aims to foster creativity, persistence, and innovation, supported by Guam’s business community mentors, educational workshops, and the guiding hand of parents.

Daria Calvo from Inspire Marianas highlighted what the program participants have been learning leading up to the launch of tomorrow’s market in an interview with NewsTalkK57’s Patti Arroyo this morning, “We’ve had four workshops prior to the launch, which is tomorrow, and they’ve been learning the basics of business– like, we’ve touched on finances, revenue, profit, expenses– we’ve touched on marketing and basically, what it takes to be an entrepreneur, which is hard work and passion, right?”

However, the lessons the Neni Market program teaches go beyond the basics of finance and marketing.

According to Calvo, the program encourages honesty between parents and their aspirational children, as the natural ebbs and flows of developing a business or service don’t always yield success, “I think that teaches them perseverance and you know, just, if you really believe in something, you have to put in the work, or else it’s just not gonna happen without that work.”

Original sticker designs, Christmas wreaths, and hand-made jewelry are among some of the goods that the neni entrepreneurs will showcase and sell tomorrow at GPO near the Nike Wing from 10 am- 2 pm while supplies last.

For more information about Inspire Marianas, visit www.inspiremarianas.org.

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