Esperansa Project Seeks Veto of “Informed Consent on Abortion” Bill


Guam – The Esperansa Project is calling on Governor Felix Camacho to veto the “informed consent on abortion bill” that was passed by the legislature last week.

Bill 54 was revised based on recommendation from the Guam Attorney General. However the Esperansa Project is accusing the Legislature’s Democratic majority of  transforming the Original bill into a pro-abortion bill.

A letter, obtained by PNC News, from Esperansa spokesperson Marjorie DeBenedictis to the Governor states that the original purpose of Bill 54 “was to ensure that women on Guam are fully informed prior to undergoing an abortion in order to reduce the risk that they later discover, with devastating  psychological effect, the true nature of abortion.”

Read the letter from the Esperansa Project asking the Governor to Veto Bill 54

However DeBenedictis states that “Substitute Bill 54 deleted nearly all of the informational requirements set forth in the Original Bill 54, including all of the informational requirements which would inform a woman’s decision whether to undergo an abortion.”

She calls on the Governor to veto the measure  “not merely because it utterly fails to provide women on Guam any information whatsoever that would inform their decision … but also because the Democratic Majority should not be permitted to foist this deceit on the people of Guam.”

In addition, an article on the Archdiocese’s website quotes Esperansa member Tim Rhor as saying that “The remaining “shell” of a legislation defeated the entire purpose of the proposed bill.”

Read the article critical of the revised bill on the Archdiocese of Agana’s website