Catholic Pro-Life Committee To Bury 18 “Unclaimed” Dead Infants Friday


Guam – The Catholic Pro-Life Committee is inviting the public to attend the burial of the bodies of 18 babies Friday morning.

The Esperansa Project is not involved with the burial but was asked to help publicize the event and a spokesperson for the Esperansa Project, Dr. Marjorie DeBenedictis, says that at least 2 of the corpses being buried are victims of abortion. She told PNC News that the stories behind the other 16 children are not clear. 

The bodies of the 18 children would be picked up from Guam Memorial Hospital Friday morning and transported to Pigo Cemetery for the burial.

“These are babies that have died over the past 2 years,” said DeBenedictis, “and have gone unclaimed in the GMH morgue.”

DeBenedictis said that the Esperansa Project was contacted by Pro-Life Committee Spokesperson , Tita Tenorio, who asked the Esperansa Project to help publicize the burial. She explained that the Catholic Pro-Life Committee has a standing arrangement with the hospital to bury dead infants on an as needed basis.

Ada’s Funeral home is providing a casket into which all of the 18 corpses will be placed. The Catholic Cemeteries is providing the burial plot. The Esperansa Project is not involved with the burial.

The public is invited to attend the service which will be held Friday, October 29, 10AM, at the Pigo Cemetery.