Ethics Committee Considers Legal Counsel’s Potential Conflict of Interest


Guam – The Guam Legislature’s Ethics Committee recessed about 20 minutes into their meeting today [Friday] before hearing a report from their Legal Counsel Anthony Camacho on the ethics complaint filed by Harold Cruz against Senator and Lt. Governor-Elect Ray Tenorio.

The Ethics panel decided to recess in order to consider the implications of attorney Camacho’s disclosure that he had contributed to the Calvo-Tenorio election campaign. And his wife is on the Calvo-Tenorio transition.

The meeting resumed at 2:45 pm Friday afternoon.

Camacho made his disclosure before publicly revealing his report on the merits of the complaint brought by Cruz against Tenorio.

Democratic Senators Rory Respicio and Tina Muna-Barnes both expressed concerns about what might be perceived as Camacho’s conflict of interest.

Cruz filed his complaint a month before the November General Election alleging  “unethical and fraudulent” acts relating to Tenorio’s name change.

The name change occurred 13 years ago in 1997 when Tenorio officially changed his name from Raymond Waddey Jr. and adopted his step-father’s name.

In the Ethics complaint Cruz claimed that prior to the name change,  Tenorio signed legal documents under the name of  “Tenorio” rather than “Waddey.”  Cruz alleges that Tenorio acted unethically and fraudulently and that the legality of those documents are now in question because Tenorio did not use his then legal name.

The Attorney for the Calvo-Tenorio Campaign, Tom Fisher, has previously told PNC News that  “The complaint has no merit and was generated for political reasons, clearly to benefit the Gutierrez-Aguon campaign, especially since Mr. Cruz is an active member of the Gutierrez-Aguon campaign.”